Supplemental Buyback Terms

By selling any book or other items to FirstClassBooks you are agreeing to these Supplemental Buyback Terms and Conditions which are an addendum to the FirstClassBooks Terms of Use.

The sale and/or distribution of counterfeit books is illegal. You can be liable to FirstClassBooks and to the book publisher and/or rights holder for counterfeiting and copyright infringement, among other claims, if the book(s) that you sell to FirstClassBooks are deemed to be counterfeit even if you are not aware that your book is counterfeit.

FirstClassBooks requires all textbook suppliers to provide and maintain true and accurate identification and contact information. This information includes full legal names and correct company names (if applicable), legal physical address, telephone number, and email address. Use of aliases or P.O. boxes are prohibited. Suppliers agree to update their identification and/or contact information regularly and to respond to any inquiries from FirstClassBooks regarding current, past, and/or future transactions.

You may only sell books or other items to FirstClassBooks using one account and one email address. Registering multiple accounts or using multiple email addresses, or any other attempt to circumvent this policy, may result in immediate termination of all accounts, permanent ban, and investigation of selling practices for evidence of counterfeiting and/or distribution of counterfeit books.

If you are selling new book(s), regardless of whether you designate the book(s) as new, you will be required to provide FirstClassBooks with information about where you obtained the book including the name and physical address of your source for the book. FirstClassBooks reserves the right to require proof of purchase for any book sold to FirstClassBooks.

In the event of an audit or investigation involving a book you have sold to FirstClassBooks, FirstClassBooks may share information you have supplied to us with book publishers, rights holders, and/or their assignees, and relevant authorities. This information may include but not be limited to all identification and contact information, account information, and payment history. FirstClassBooks reserves the right to suspend your account, delay payment, decline payment to you during and/or after investigation of transactions.

If it is determined that any book you sold is suspected and/or confirmed to be counterfeit, you agree to surrender it and forfeit your right to payment. FirstClassBooks will destroy the book or transfer it to the proper authorities and you will not receive the book nor payment for the book. If payment as already been initiated and a book is identified and/or confirmed to be counterfeit, you agree that FirstClassBooks can deduct the payment from future transactions submitted on your account.

FirstClassBooks reserves the right to suspend or terminate all accounts not in compliance with these Supplemental Buyback Terms.